Students from Holland in Vitaminka

Students from the University of Getide from Holland visited “Vitaminka”.
They presented their project for selling our products on the Holland market in the presence of the President of the Board of Directors, Mr. Simon Naumoski, the Export Manager Mr. Ljupcho Veleski and the Chief in Export Department Mr. Petar Stojkovski. After tasting of some of the products from “Vitaminka” almost two months ago, they selected a few products for future placing on their market and came to the conclusion that the products from “Vitaminka” have a high and constant good quality.
The signed Business Collaboration Contract represents a good opportunity for “Vitaminka” to enter and win the Holland market.

Vitaminka at Food Expo in Athens

Vitaminka presented the complete product assortment including its strongest brands on a large exhibition stand for the first time at the Food expo fair in Athens.

Vitaminka at the Interfood & Drink

Choco Stobi Flips, Stobi Flips, Atlantis, Despina and the rest of Vitaminka’s product range were displayed at the exhibition Interfood & Drink in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Vitaminka and ,,Prespav“

Vitea Herbal Tea instead of rakija for Mile, Atlantis for the inspector, a glass of Cevitana as refreshment: this is just part of the scenery for the new Macedonian sitcom ,,Prespav“.