Vitanez Extra mayonnaise is delicious top quality product.

Tomato ketchup


Vitaminka Ketchup is tasty, irreplaceable supliment to pizzas, sandwiches, home baked goods, pasta and other specialties.

Pizza ketchup


Pizza ketchup is available whenever you want to prepare pizza as the perfect addition to your specialty that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Mustard is the best friend of your hot dog, and its intense taste and smell make every meal more exciting and delicious.


Add the taste of Mexico to your kitchen! Invigorate your meal with Mexicano sauce – let your home speciality get spicy Mexican flavor.


Add Taliano to your favorite meal and taste the excellent combination of tomato sauce with beef.


Barbeque sauce

BBQ Barbecue Sauce – is a sauce for barbecue, which will enrich the taste of your grilled meat.